RIVER CRUISE EUROPE is facing already its first challenges in its short history. In times of restrictions and regulations, in times of difficulties and in times of challenges we have to stick together. The Covid-19-situation shows us how much power we have when we follow up restrictions we never thought of together, when we follow up strict rules we aren`t used to and how inventive we are in these difficult situations as long as we stick together. After the first panic buying, to mention the first toilet-paper crash…., we started to look for opportunities how to meet people online for video conferences and for after work drinks. We found very quickly a way how to teach even the youngest ones by video conference instead of going to school. Suddenly kids of twelve years old do have conference calls to be in contact with their teacher and class. 

We started to build bridges to stay connected to the normal situation we knew, but as well reaching out in to the new situation, a new experience into the future. It is clear to us all, that in coming months the situation around the virus might get better, but we will face restrictions and regulations most probably for the rest of the year not to mention a completely slowed down economy. This all to slow down and later on to stop an invisible virus to save lives!

Why do we mention building bridges in times of heavy crisis in the river cruise industry? 
RIVER CRUISE EUROPE started last year and the idea was to build bridges in the of river cruise industry. Bridges between sea/river ports and shipping companies, bridges between very experiences organizations out of the shipping industries and cities or sea/river ports with limited experience and knowledge of the river cruising industry. A bridge is being used as safe connection for the guests to go ashore, but also to bring (new) guests on board again. It is the only safe connection from the ship to the port, which leads into a new experience in both directions and each company is using the same kind of bridges. It is a term we use a lot in the shipping industry and it is exactly how RIVER CRUISE EUROPE works as well. 

No matter what situation we will find once we are able to sail again, we will be confronted with different restrictions in several countries and we will need the RIVER CRUISE EUROPE-bridges to be able to move on. We will need information out of the various ports and out of involved organizations to guarantee  our guests the high quality experiences they booked. We also have to build the safe bridge, that our guests need to feel comfortable again, in order to continue the success we had before the Covid-19-situation.

RIVER CRUISE EUROPE also needs to be a safe bridge for their members. The community is sharing information and together preparing for the time to come with all its challenges, but also with new opportunities and chances of which we could not imagine just a few months ago.

RIVER CRUISE EUROPE is ready to take off again, are you?