River Cruise Europe is an organisation focused on enhancing the cooperation between all stakeholders within the river cruising community by creating a solid platform built on equal input, knowledge, and experience.


All River Cruise Europe members agree to actively contribute to our organisation by sharing their knowledge, and experience and by committing to providing educational support.
By working together in this manner, we can expand and improve the collaboration between all our members.

Combine forces in common challenges

Each year, the community will choose several topics to be addressed through various group initiatives.

Some examples of current topics include:

  • Discuss the issue of overtourism and its impact on river cruising destinations.
  • Explore the importance of infrastructure to the success of river cruising and its future development.
  • Evaluate the availability of berths and facilities for river cruises and suggest ways to improve them.
  • Deliberate on the benefits and challenges of implementing shore power for river cruise ships.
  • Brainstorm ways in which the river cruising industry can be more environmentally friendly and „go green“.
  • Analyse the sustainability of river cruising both on the river and ashore, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Discuss the regulations concerning river cruising, and the potential impact on the industry and its passengers.
  • Evaluate the current river cruise routes and suggest ways in which they can be improved.
  • Consider the issue of safety in river cruising and suggest ways to improve it.
  • Discuss the importance of registering data within the river cruising industry.